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We are the industry leader for locating used motorcycle parts including used, rebuilt and some new Yamaha starters, motorcycle electrics or electrical parts for street bikes, dirt bikes, ATV & sport bikes. Motorcycle starters are also available for Honda, Kawasaki and Suzuki. We are linked to several motorcycle salvage warehouses throughout the United States with over 1 million used motorcycle parts available. If we don't have your part or starter, our sales staff will help you find your motorcycle parts or starter (used, rebuilt, remanufactured or new) at the best price. Why spend hours searching for your motorcycle starter or used parts when you only have to make 1 phone call or send us a email request for a motorcycle starter or parts. We are one of the most trustworthy company's on the internet and have been in business for 34 years. See what our customers say about us, please read our Testimonials. Whether you are looking for a used motorcycle starter or motorcycle part, we can help with great prices and a guaranty!  With our 34 years of experience, we are confident we can help you save time and money! Nothing like competition to keep prices reasonably low, saving up to 70% on used motorcycle starters and motorcycle parts. Remember, if we don't have your starter or part in stock today, it doesn't mean part won't be available tomorrow!

* Weekly specials on used motorcycle starters and used motorcycle parts.

* Save up to 70% on used starters and motorcycle parts for Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki & Yamaha. Access to over 1 million used, new & rebuilt motorcycle starters including motorcycle parts.

* "FREE" Motorcycle Parts Locating Service for motorcycle starters & used parts including electrical parts.

* Many years in business assures great customer service & prices, unlike many other sellers especially on eBay (buy at your own risk).

* All used motorcycle parts are guaranteed to be good and correct. New or rebuilt motorcycle starters have a 1 year pro-rated warranty, with exchange for your good rebuildable core starter, unless specified otherwise.

* Worldwide Daily Shipping: UPS USPS FED EX. Please allow 4-7 working days for normal ground delivery in the U.S. We do offer expedited shipping services if requested at additional costs.

* We accept all major credit cards, Paypal, money orders and cashier checks. Used starters or parts may have nicks, scratches or minor dings that were not described or noticed by warehouse but will fit and function properly. Keep in mind your purchasing a "used part" not new unless stated otherwise.

* Please confirm availability and price including shipping cost before purchasing a motorcycle starter or part not listed on site. Used parts prices can change daily even if it's the same product because of the many variables that go into pricing parts, such as price a particular warehouse originally paid, condition and each warehouse (over 200) prices their products different. If we quote you a price for a item and you decide to wait, that item could have been sold and the next similar item will be priced different, more or less money. If you leave a deposit or purchase when we quote price or select "Buy Now" when applicable, that part is yours at the quoted price. We reserve the right to change prices anytime because that item is no longer available. We try to get you the best deal at the time of inquiry so don't wait if you want to purchase, price could change.

* "CONTACT US" before purchasing a used motorcycle starter or parts from another motorcycle shop, we will do our best to save you money and time.

* There is a 30% restocking fee plus shipping cost for the return of parts. We will not accept any merchandise returned without our written authorization return approval.

* Terms and Conditions

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Yamaha motorcycle starters are available for are available for FJ600, FJ 600, FJ 1100, FJ1100, FJ 1200, FJ1200, FJ, FJR 1300, FZ1, FZS 1, FZS 1000 Fazer, Fazer, FZ 600, FZ600, FZ700, FZ 700, FZ 750, FZ750, FZR400, FZR 400, FZR 600, FZR600, FZR 750, FZR750, FZR 1000, FZR1000, FZX 700 Fazer, Fazer, RD 250, RD, RD 350, RD350, RD 400, RD400, RZ350, RZ 350, SR 250 Exciter, 250 Exciter, SRX 250, SRX 600,TX 750, VMX 1200 V-Max, VMax YZF600, YZF 600, YZF R6, YZF600R6S YZF600R6R, YZF 750, YZF750, YZF 1000, YZF1000, R6S, R-6, R 6, R6R, R-1, R 1, R1, YZF1000R1, XJ 400 Seca,  XJ 550 Seca, XJ 600 Seca II, XJ 650 R Seca, XJ 750, Seca, XJ 900 Seca, XJ 550 Maxim, Maxim, XJ 650 Maxim, 650 Maxim, XJ 700 Maxim, XJ 750 Maxim, XJ 1100 Maxim, XS 400, XS400, XS 400 Maxim, XS 400 Special, XS 400 Special ll, XS 400S Heritage Special, XS 500, XS650, XS 650, XS 650 Heritage Special, XS 650 Special, XS 650 Special ll, XS 750, XS750, XS850, XS 850, XS 1100, XS1100, XS 1100 Venture, XS 1100 Special, XS 1100S Special, XS 1100 Midnight Special, XT250, XT 250, XT 350, XT350, XT 600, XT 600, YSR50,M YSR 50, XZ 550 Vision, XZ550 Vision, 550 Vision,XV 250 Virago, Route 66, XV 500 Virago, XV535 Virago, XV 535 Virago, XV 700 Virago, XV700 Virago, XV 750 Virago, XV750 Virago, XV920 Virago, XV 920 Virago, XV1000 Virago, XV 1000 Virago, XV1100 Virago, XV 1100S Virago, XV 1700 Warrior, XVZ 1300 A Royal Star, XVZ 1300 A Royal Star Standard, Royal Star, XV1600 Roadstar, XV 1600 Roadstar,  XV 1600 Roadstar Silverado, SV 1300 RF Royal Star Venture, Roadstar, XVS 650 V-Star Custom, XVS 650A V-Star, Vstar, XVS 1100 A V-Star Classic, XVS 1100 A V-Star , V-Star Classic, XVZ 1300 A Royal Star Blvd, XVZ 1300 Rotal Star Midnight Venture, XVZ 1300 TFS Rotal Star Venture MM Limited, XVZ 1300 TF Royal Star Venture, YFB 25 F Timberwolf, Timberwolf, YFM 660 R Raptor, Raptor, XZ 550 R Vision, 550 Vision, YFM 400A Kodiak, YX 600 Radian, Yamaha Radian +  MUCH MORE! 

Yamaha Motorcycle Used Starters

Pictures of motorcycle starter motors might not be the exact starter you will receive and starters will have normal cosmetic wear. Used starters are tested and come with a 30 day warranty from purchase date. Prices listed "do not" include shipping, handling & insurance fee of $8.75 to $17.75 on every starter. International shipping cost will be extra (we will send additional cost after checkout). Shipping cost listed at checkout is for U.S. only (not overseas). Rebuilt starters listed require a refundable core deposit varying from $20-$50 which is included in checkout price and core must be returned within 2 weeks to qualify for refund. Once your rebuildable core starter has been returned, core deposit will be refunded. If starter shown in pictures doesn't match up to your starter it will not work and no guaranty about starter interchange. Charts or possible compatible models listed are for reference purposes only. Send us email if you don't see your used, rebuilt or new starter below. We probably have a starter for just about any motorcycle or ATV! INTERCHANGE LISTED IS FOR REFERENCE ONLY, NO GUARANTY ON ACCURACY, ASK QUESTIONS AND LOOK AT PICTURES IF NOT SURE.

Item# Model Year


Price Images
Riva125RBLT XC 125U Riva Scooter 1986 Yamaha XC125 Riva scooter Rebuilt starter motor with 1 year pro-rated warranty with exchange. Starter is $109.95 + refundable for charge of $20 or sold outright for $129.95 if your core is no good or not returned within 2 weeks. Most shops charge $35-$75 core charge depending on the starter. Rebuilt Starter

$20 core charge included in price

Riva180-200 XC 180-200 Riva Scooter 1983-85 Yamaha XC180 and XZ200 Riva scooter OEM used starter motor. Used Starter

SOLD! Available by special request



SR 185 Exciter 1980-82 Yamaha OEM used starter motor for 1980-1982 SR185 Exciter motorcycle. Mitsuba SM-7252 is stamped on cap.

Used Starter

SOLD! Available by special request

Rebuilt starter Available by special request

SRX250 SRX 250 1986 This used starter motor was marked Yamaha SRX 250 years ago but we are not positive this is correct. Please see pictures closely to make sure same as your starter and if different, let us know. Starter is a Mitsuba SM-7. SOLD!

Used Starter


TTR 250



New imported starter motor for TT250 and TTR250 with a 1 year warranty, no exchange necessary. New Starter

Available Available
60-411 XS 400K Maxim

XS 400RK Seca

1982-83 Yamaha OEM used motorcycle starter motor for a 1982 1983 XS 400K Maxim or XS 400RK Seca. Mitsuba SM-7 is stamped on end cap. Starter is very nice with low miles and ready to use! Used Starter


Available by special request

1982 1983 Yamaha XS 400K Maxim motorcycle starter motor, 1982-83 Yamaha XS 400RK Seca motorcycle starter motor 82-83 Yamaha XS 400 Maxim Seca starter motor, used starter for XS 400 Maxim or Seca, yamahamotorcyclestarters.htm

XV 500 Virago

XV 535 Virago

XVS 650 V-Star Classic, Custom, Silverado






Yamaha used starter motor for XV500 Virago, 535 Virago, XVS650 V-Star Classic, Custom & Silverado. Mistuba SM-8219 is stamped on end cap.

Used Starter


Available by special request

Y60-405 XZ 550J or XZ 550 RJ Vision 1982-1983 Yamaha XZ 550J or XZ 550 RJ Vision starter. Contact us for used and rebuilt starter availability since it can change daily.

Used Starter


Available by special request




XJ 550H Seca

XJ 550K Maxim

XJ 550RK Seca

FJ 600

YX 600 Radian






Yamaha OEM used and rebuilt starter motor for XJ550H Seca, XJ550K Maxim, XJ550RK Seca, FJ 600 and YX 600 Radian. Rebuilt starters come with a 1 year warranty with exchange or also sold outright + shipping. Mitsuba SM-8204 is stamped on the end cap. Used Starter Sold Out!

Available by special request

Rebuilt Starter


Available by special request

Y60-422 FZR 600 1989-99 Yamaha OEM used starter motor for 1989-1999 FZR 600 stamped SM-13. Our used starters come with a 30 day warranty unlike most sellers. Used Starter







New imported starter motor for FZ6, YZFR6 and YZFR6S with a 1 year warranty, no exchange necessary New Starter
Available Available



XJ 650K Maxim

XJ 650LK Seca Turbo

XJ 700N, S Maxim

XJ 700X Maxim X

XJ 750R, RK Seca

XJ 900RK Seca








Yamaha OEM used and rebuilt starters are available for XJ650K Maxim, XJ650LK Seca Turbo, XJ700N-S Maxim, XJ700X Maxim X, XJ750R-RK Seca and XJ900K Seca. 30 day warranty on used starter and 1 yr warranty on rebuilt starters. Rebuilt starter is $169.95 shipping exchange.  

Used Starter


Available by special request


Rebuilt Starter



Available by special request

Y60-420 XS 750

XS 850



Yamaha OEM used starter for 1977-1979 XS 750 and 1977-1981 XS 850. Used Starter


XV 700 Virago

XV 750 Virago

XV 1100 Virago




Long Shaft Yamaha new imported starter for XV700, XV750 and XV1100 Virago. Starter replaces original # 5A8-81800-10-00 and is sold outright with 1 year warranty. New Starter

XV 700 Virago, XV 750 Virago, XV 1100 Virago, starter, long shaft starter for Yamha motorcycle XV 700 XV 750 XV 1100 Virago, yamahamotorcyclestarters.htm Available

XV 750 Virago

XV 700 Virago

XV 920 Virago




Yamaha new imported starter for XV700, XV750 and XV920 Virago. Starter replaces SM-2241 and is sold outright with 1 year warranty. New Starter

Yamaha XV 700 750 920 motorcycle starter, Yamaha Virago new imported motorcycle starter XV 700-750-920 Available
Y60-412RT FZ 700-750 1986 Yamaha used starter for 1986 FZ 700 or FZ 750. This particular starter (looking from front) has the positive battery post on the right side unlike the majority of these starters. This starter could interchange with 60-412LT but no guaranty on interchange. Please look at pictures closely, both starters are stamped SM-8. Used Starter


Available by special request


FZ 700

FZ 750

FZR 750

FZR 1000





Yamaha used starter for 1986 FZ 700, FZ 750, FZR 750 and FZR 1000. This particular starter (looking from front) has the positive battery post on the left side. This starter could interchange with 60-412RT but no guaranty on interchange. Please look at pictures closely, both starters are stamped SM-8. Used Starter


YZF 750

YZF 1000

GTS 1000

FZR 1000





Yamaha OEM used starter motor for 1994-98 YZF750, 1997 YZF1000, 1993-4 GTS1000 and 1989-95 FZR1000. Used Starter


YNW61-407 FJ 1100

FJ 1200



New imported starter motor with  1 year warranty for FJ1100 and FJ1200, no exchange necessary. New Starter

Available Available
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